Sunday 28 April 2013

A pleasant surprise

Hi  All I have had a very busy time  since I was last here with you, First off I went to "The Creative Craft's Show" in Belfast on the 19th  with my crafty friends Elaine and Jean and my eldest son Owen, it was such a fun day, lots and lots of laughs. We all picked up some good little bargains but my most significant purchase was two sets of spellbinder dies, my first two sets  might I add! I was so excited with my new toys, I was blabbing on about them to my O/H  about how great they were and what a great bargain  I had gotten, the RRP is £30 and I got both sets for £30, when himself looked at me, so seriously and said " you paid £30 for  them??, there's something wrong with you" lol non-crafters just don't understand!! So the next day I set off trawling the web to find inspiration and hints on how to get the best use from these  little beauties, I came across some really great websites and youtube tutorials,  One such site was Christinine Emberson's, Christine is on the spellbinder's design team and has a really fantastic blog  and well worth a visit, anyhow on the day I was visiting Christine was running a  competition and the prize was a set of Spellbinder's, you had to leave a comment and your link, simple as that, so I checked back a few days later and guess what ........I WON!!!  I was thrilled to say the least, so now I have some happy mail to look forward to :)  
Today I want to share with you the first card I made with my new dies, it is a birthday card for my son who turned 11 on Thursday

It is a book style card, the first of this kind I have made, and I am really happy with how it turned out. I must dash now as I have a party with 10 eleven year old boys to get to, but I will be back over the next few days with some more of my new makes, thanks for stopping by Nicola


  1. Wonderful book style card. So pleased you are enjoying the dies and hope the party went well :) xx

    1. Thanks Christine, the party was a great success :)